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About Anfy Flash

Have you ever dreamed about making flash effects for your web site, but never had the knowledge to use Macromedia Flash? Although Macromedia Flash is relatively easy to use, you still have to have "a programmer's" mind to really be able to create what you want. The Anfy Flash system solves this problem for you. With this service, you don't need to know or own Macromedia Flash, you don't need to know ActionScript. Here, you select the flash effect you would like for your page(s), customize it using our user friendly software, and the server creates the flash effect for you. You receive a ready-to-use Flash SWF-file with an HTML file for that specific SWF-file. The only work is to put the HTML tags on the HTML file in your page(s) and put the flash swf file on your web server.

AnfyFlash is a product of the Anfy Team company, released in the year 2002 to fullfill the needs of web designers that love Macromedia Flash™ technology. With AnfyFlash you can produce Flash effects without owning and learning the Macromedia Flash authoring software, saving time and money!
The AnfyFlash system is based on a perfect mix of the most powerful technologies such as Java™ Applets, Java™ Servlets and Server Pages, MySQL opensource database, Sun Ultrasparc™ hardware with Solaris™ operating System, and of course Flash™.

The best developers and designers were hired in several countries for the AnfyFlash development, and we continuously search for gurus and innovators, in order to keep AnfyFlash the leader in the field. If you are interested in including your work in Anfy Flash, contact us with your samples.

About Anfy Team company

AnfyTeam is a privately held company incorporated in 1996 in Lucca, Italy to provide Java programming services. The office headquarters is located in Italy, with development labs in USA, Europe and India. Other products of Anfy Team are the Anfy Java™ applets (http://www.anfyteam.com), the Anfy Mobile J2ME games (http://www.anfymobile.com), and the http://anfyhost.com service.
Collectively, Anfy Team sites network receive 30,000 unique visitors per days, generating 5 million pageviews monthly.

The people behind Anfy Flash


Fabio Ciucci (Chief Executive Officer) and Anibal Wainstein (Product Manager).

System Architecture and Development:

Artur Biesidadowski, Luca Ghilarducci, Fabio Ciucci and Anibal Wainstein

Applet development:

Aleksey Udovydchenko, Anibal Wainstein, Marko Belic, Vinci Rufus, Ivan Stanojevic, Sameer Ahuja, Santoshini Iyer and Geetha Swamy.

VAC Applet Design (Configuration Dialog):

Tomasz Zielinski and Anibal Wainstein

Web Design:

Michal and Matej Oppitz.

Applet Photos and Graphics:

Fabio Ciucci and Rolando Pizarro.

Applet Publishing:

Aleksey Udovydchenko, Nick Bell, Luca Ghilarducci, Iyer Ramesh Subramanian, Saurabh Sharma and Anibal Wainstein.


Raymond Knoll


Macromedia Flash™ is a registered trademark of Macromedia. Java™, Ultrasparc™ and Solaris™ are registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems.



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