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IMPORTANT NOTE! Due to a problem with our server you who purchased a commercial account between the dates 2008-03-25 and 2008-04-08 should contact support immediately if you account hasn't been activated. Please provide us with your user name.

Before contacting us you should read the Frequently Asked Questions which may answer most or all of your questions. Also, we are not able to help you with Anfy related questions (Note that the Anfy and the Anfy Flash are DIFFERENT PRODUCTS), please direct your questions about the Anfy 1.4 and 2.0 products to the Anfy support, we don't have any access to the reg code database and Anfy support are better trained to handle Anfy Java questions.

To get support for Anfy Flash, please click here! Please use the following form to contact us about general questions not specific to the Anfy Flash system.

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