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Use this smart cube in your web page. It makes the menu option more advanced, it uses the advanced 3D technology to make it real and interact

Choosing and selecting Size

You can chose the size of the applet in the "general" page. Also you can choose a name for the .swf file that would be generated.

Important: for a successful display, we recommend to use the same size for height and width.

Background color

By clicking on "color" it will be possible to set the background color of the rotating cube.


You can choose 6 different images that would behave as the six different sides of the cube. These sides are clickable so as to open different links on each side

Other settings

You can select the compression Ratio and the size of the cube in 'other settings' tab. The hyperlinks on click on each side of the cube are also to be defined here. Also the angle for rotation is set here.

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

Working With Text Fields
Working With File Fields And File Lists
Working With Color Buttons
The Flash Applet Size Parameters

Version history

1.2 : Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. You can now load other .swf files or disable the links by entering empty links.

1.1 : Added target frame support and made the resulting SWF file size smaller.

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