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Display your images one by one, separated by a nice effect which creates a "theatre atmosphere", thanks to a geometrical effect similar to a curtain which opens and closes. The pictures will dissolve in a user-defined color and then the following image will appear.

Selecting Colors

Here you can select the color for the mesh pushing effect.

Selecting Images and URLs

Make sure you have the same number of Images as you have URLs, when specifying images. Don't use images that are too big. Note that these images will be included into the SWF file, and it may swell to enormous proportions. Try modifying the compression setting to decrease the SWF file size.


The pause between each image is measured in milliseconds.


Due to a limitation in Flash Player 5.0, you can have a maximum of only 200 images in the Flash applet. More than that, and the applet will not work.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

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