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Using blinking stars in the background, moving in some direction specified, this flash applet can be used effectively to highlight certain important announcements, news, etc. in your web page. The text here is interactive and can be clicked to follow hyperlinks as specified. This applet can also be used as an advertising banner.

Choosing and selecting Size

You can chose the size of the applet in the "general" page. Also you can choose a name for the .swf file that would be generated.


By clicking on "color" it will be possible to set the background color and the color of the text that would be highlighted.


You can choose the font type and specify its size in the 'Font' tab.


In the 'Messages' tab you have two windows. One is to enter the messages that you want to highlight. The hyperlink on click of the text is to be specified in the other window.


In this tab, you have to specify the density of stars in the background (not over 200). The size of each star in terms of its width and height can also be specified here. The horizontal speed and the vertical speed indicate the direction of the motion of the stars.

Other settings

You can select the compression Ratio and the background image in 'other settings' tab. The target frame on click of any hyperlink is also set here. The pause between transitions, measured in milliseconds is specified in the pause window.

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

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