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The VerticalScroller is a standard scroller. It supports features such as side fading and text dragging.


Here you can specify the text alignment (left, right or centered text), the text size (in pixels) and the font. This applet supports FFT files.

Entering messages

Just enter the message you want to scroll here. The message will appear roughly the same as you write it in the text field.

Side fading settings

The side fade height will set the height of the side fade effect, this must be larger than 10. You can disable this by unchecking the "use side fading" checkbox.

Scroller speed

By having a large number here, the scroller will increase the speed. It should be set to 1, which is a readable speed.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

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This applet also has its own tutorial:

Tutorial - Making an applet with VerticalScroller

Version history

1.1 : Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. You can now load other .swf files or disable the links by entering empty links.


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