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Q : A button saying "Anfy Team", with a link to your page is appearing on my applet!

A : When you purchase a commercial account, this button will not be displayed on the applets you create.

Q : Is Macromedia Flash required to use the Anfy Flash system?

A : No, the only thing you should have is the Macromedia Flash 5.0 player installed. Download the FREE player by clicking here.

Q : What do I need to run this system on a Macintosh?

A : You must use Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later) and Macintosh Runtime For Java (MRJ) version 2.2.3 (or later) to run the VAC Configurator Java applet dialog. However, the Flash applets can be run in any Mac browser which has the Macromedia Flash 5.0 player installed. Today, most browsers do have this plugin. When running the VAC Configurator Java applet, make sure you have assigned a lot of memory to Internet Explorer. We have experienced effects such as the configurator applet refusing to send data or the browser not wanting to open up a new test window due to a lack of memory. Currently the system is NOT working with OS X, due to extensive bugs in the Applet MRJ. To be able to run the system in OS X, you must use the Classic environment and with Internet Explorer 5.1.

Q : Will my Flash applets stop working when my account expires?

A : No, if you are registered (either as a freeware or commercial account) your applets are not time stamped. The applets you create while you have your account are yours to keep.

Q : Once an applet is created, if I incorporate it into a design, where is the swf file served from, your server or ours?

A : The SWF files can't be served from our server. Once the applet is created, you must download it and then put upload it into your own server.

Q : Sometimes, the Flash or Java applet disappears on my browser or the memory runs out. I'm using Macintosh with OS 9

A : This is because you have allocated too little memory to your browser. In OS 9.x you need to go to "Get Info" in the Apple icon and change the memory allocation. If you are using OS X the memory is automatically increased when needed.

Q : I get a gray box or a white box when trying to edit an applet.

A : You are probably missing the Java Virtual Machine on your browser. Note that Internet Explorer 6 doesn't include the Java VM by default. You must download it from one of the download locations at this page. If you are a Mac OS X user, note that you must run the applet in the Macintosh Classic Environment, due to extensive bugs in the Java Virtual Machine in Mac OS X. You can also use Sun's Java plugin if you want to, it will work fine with the Anfy Flash system.

Q : How do I send my Flash applets in e-mails?

A : If you are a freeware user, a link will appear after creating an applet which sends you to the Flash e-mail page. If you are a commercial user, this link which says "E-mail" is in your file folder next to the SWF file you intend to send.

Q : How do I insert my Flash effects into PowerPoint presentations?

A : Read the manual section about this. Note that this only works with Flash effects and not with JavaScript effects.

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